Tiverton & the Exe Valley
The Exe Valley

Exe Valley Plan

An outlook of the Exe Valley around Tiverton

Extracts from the Exe Valley Plan al local community plan which in the main has been abandoned by Council.

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The Exe Valley Plan

The Exe Valley Plan


An outlook of the Exe Valley around Tiverton

Extracts from the Exe Valley Plan al local community plan which in the main has been abandoned by Council

Exe Valley Plan was the outcome of two years hard work by members of
the local communities living in the Exe Valley, from Morebath and
Oakford in the north to Silverton in the south, and from Poughill in the
west to Halberton and Sampford Peverell in the east. Near the centre of
this disparate area is the Market Town of Tiverton, the focal point for
the Market and Coastal Town initiative for the area.

The communities across
this area show very different characteristics and have distinctive
issues and needs. Yet, the representatives have worked together to
highlight the needs and opportunities facing the area, and to develop a
vision, goals and strategies that will sustain and enhance the quality
of life for all those living in the Exe Valley over the next twenty to
thirty years.

process started with some ‘blue sky’ thinking to catch the imagination
of local residents and involve them in the process of lateral thinking
about the future of an area that was once the heart of Devon’s Kersey
industry and then a national leader in machine-made lace. These
industries were superseded by industrial fabrics. This industrial base,
although shrunken, is still with us.

The plan looks at recent
technological developments and how these could be used to improve
marketing local products, to create new employment opportunities. It
considers the educational needs of both our young people and the new
skills that adults need to acquire. It looks at a variety of ways in
which the natural features and strengths of the Exe Valley might be used
as an economic driver that is sensitive to conservation and local

The plan process has
generated a wide variety of projects that embody strategies identified
by each themed group to move from the present situation towards the
vision. These are presented in tabulated form, along with key
information relating to timespan, partners, potential funders and
prioritisation based on the stage of development of the project.

The themes are explored in the section covering the work of the Focus
Groups. Each group adapted the main vision to their area of study and
developed focused goals and strategies which they embodied in a variety
of projects.

The North
Devon link road, A361, is a main artery running almost east west across
the widest extent of the area, giving what were once some of the most
remote villages in the area quick access to the M5 and the national
motorway network. Tiverton itself has benefited considerably from the
construction of this road, and much of the current expansion of the town
is now taking place on its northern edge, infilling the land to the
south of the A361.

Tiverton is an attractive
and traditional market town which is steadily developing. It is the
major settlement of the area, and the Plan highlights its central
location in the South West region. Rather than being consigned to the
role of a roundabout that watches opportunity pass by, Tiverton plans to
be the centre of opportunity, both tangibly and in virtual terms,
generating new wealth and ensuring that it does not degenerate into a
dormitory town for Exeter, Taunton and Bristol. Tiverton wishes to keep
both its residents and employment as local as possible.

Well-planned sustainable development will mean that the most-prized
features of the Exe Valley will be recognisable and enhanced, while new
features will improve the quality of life of local residents and stamp
the characteristics of a new age on the area